The Original Scuff Shield

Perfect for moving a refrigerator, stove, washer or dryer for service or repair

  • Large Working Surface - 30" x 48"
  • Special High Impact Plastic
  • Lightweight - 5 lbs each
  • Easy to Handle, Use and Store
  • Ability to Turn Appliances Easily
  • Minimal Cost - Less Expensive to Floor Repair/Replacement
  • Just Grip the Handle and Pull - Appliance Moves Easily
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

"If you don't get a Scuff Shield for each of your trucks, you're either uninformed or stupid. They're cheap, and unbelievably effective. I used to endure the agony of dealing with scratched or torn floors almost regularly. Once I put Scuff Shields on each truck, the problem ended. And, I suffered fewer tech-down days because of strained backs. And better work was done because techs were less reluctant to pull out a machine for work or mere checks that needed to be done from the rear. You can't beat 'em, and you won't believe how well they work. Roll a huge side-by-side, fully loaded, out onto one, then slide it easily all around the whole kitchen, one-handed, with no problem. It seems almost like magic!"

Glade Ross
Aardvark Appliance Service
San Juan Capistrano, CA

"My installers and delivery people have been using Scuff Shields for eight years. The one time we didn't, it cost us $700 to replace the floor in a one-week-old home. Our policy states that it is mandatory that every installation and delivery person use a Scuff Shield. I like the handle— it makes it easier to move the appliance. The Scuff Shield is thin enough to put a dishwasher on it – even with a raised floor – and thick enough to not destroy a floor. I believe in this product. Every professional appliance company needs to have this."

David Farrows
Farrows Best Brands Plus
Woodstock, GA